Bushnell Night Vision 2.5x42 Built-in Double Infrared

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  • Light-weight evening eyesight monocular with 2.5x magnification and 42-millimeter goal lens
  • Double infra-red ray strength with higher/place and reduced/broad ray
  • Watching selection of 4 to 600 ft; 79-feet area of look at at 1000 back yards
  • Steps 6.7 by 3.7 by 2.7 in . and weighs about 1.75 lbs
  • This product is fixed available for sale to the condition of Ca and outside of the US

Item Explanation

Bushnell Nightvision 2.5x42 millimeters with Constructed - in Double IR Monocular... stalk creatures with the forest, night or day! Real hunters know their environment out and inside... which includes knowing the night time routines from the animals they're attempting to capture.

This Nightvision removes your human being drawback, giving you accessibility tricks of the evening in razor-razor-sharp clearness! Functions double built in infra-red illuminators and sophisticated lighting-collecting technologies for best-high quality view once the lighting venture out. And you'll enjoy the Stealthview for very long-array clarity and brightness. If you're exploring caves or simply navigating a pitch-black forest, this Nightvision will come through, no matter.

The thin: 2.5x magnification having a 42 millimeters goal lens; Watching array is 4-600 feet.; F.O.V. @ 1000 back yards is 79 feet.; Operates on 2 AA battery packs; Steps 6 2/3 by 3 2/3 by 2 2/3", weighs about 14 ozs.; Has produced-in tripod install; See obviously during the night... get the Nightvision right here! Purchase Nowadays! Caution: You need to be 18 or more mature to buy Evening Eyesight. The product should not be delivered to D.C.; MA; Canada or Puerto Rico. Evening Eyesight should not be delivered Package Article.

Make sure you look at your County, City and State regulations for limitations prior to purchasing Evening Eyesight. Bushnell Nightvision 2.5x42 millimeters with Built in Double IR Monocular. Evening Eyesight optics from Bushnell transform evening to time because of their built in infra-red illuminators and sophisticated lighting-collecting technologies. The Night Vision 2.5x42 Built-in Double Infrared Monocular provides dual infrared beam intensity--allowing you to illuminate a low/wide beam suited to walking and navigation.

Alternatively, a high/spot beam suited to viewing wildlife and other images in the dark. compact and Lightweight, the two.5x42 Evening Eyesight Monocular offers a lengthy watching array as high as 600 ft having a 79-feet area of look at at 1000 back yards. Evaluating in at under a lb, the monocular is acceptable for longer use.

The monocular functions utilizing two AA battery packs and comes with a tripod install for fixed watching. Designed to final, the two.5x42 Evening Eyesight Monocular comes with a 2 year restricted guarantee towards manufacturer's problems.


  1. Magnification: 2.5x
  2. Goal Lens: 42 millimeters
  3. Watching Array: 4 to 600 ft / 1.5 to 122 m
  4. Area of Look at: 79 ft at 1000 back yards / 26 m at 1000 m
  5. Built in infra-red illuminator
  6. Bodyweight: 14 oz / 397 gr
  7. Dimension: 6.7 by 3.7 by 2.7 in .
  8. Tripod Install: indeed
  9. Battery power Kind: two AA
  10. Design: 260200
7 reviews
My most important headache was with regards to the particular upgraded lenses of this particular binocular however, whenever received and made use of this specific Bushnell Binocular, My spouse and I was dumbfounded by simply experiencing the perspective through this unique binocular. Outstanding Binocular not to mention I actually suggest this for all.
7 reviews
I personally paid for this unique special binocular so that My partner and I can easily observe long length view, By using the zooming efficiency associated with this unique Binocular, My spouse and I currently ready to see birds from a fabulous extensive range.
7 reviews
Personally I have tried several binoculars in past however all of them manufactured my own sight agony. After buying and employing this Bushnell binocular i'm not much of obtaining any kind of eye discomfort by any means. Great Binocular made by Bushnell as well as the funds really worth this.
7 reviews
I actually paid for this unique special binocular so that My partner and I can certainly notice extended range viewpoint, Utilizing the zooming efficiency connected with this Binocular, I personally now able to find wildlife away from a good solid long distance.
7 reviews
I appreciate sea and pay out huge time frame in water as well as i usually do not have to worry about my own binocular because this Bushnell binocular is perfectly waterproof. I really like this unique binocular quite definitely.

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