Bushnell Binocular Universal Tripod Mount

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  • Buckle program guarantees safe safety
  • Tripod install adaptor, tripod marketed individually
  • Ideal for binoculars without having a tripod install
  • Works together with most kinds of binoculars

Item Explanation

The Bushnell 19150 Tripod Install is ideal for binoculars without having a tripod install. It really works with many kinds of binoculars. Buckle program guarantees safe safety. We have a set of costly Cannon Picture Stabilizer binoculars that sadly do not possess an adaptor for any tripod. While seeking for something which works I discovered this Bushnell Common Tripod Install plus it searched enjoy it just may function. I had taken an opportunity plus they showed up nowadays and i also instantly tried out them out. They may be ideal.

The weighty fabric band suits round the binoculars tight and nice having an changeable band and powerful clasp to keep them in position. They actually do not hinder the main focus realignment or even the picture stabilization switch. At the base is really a fabric encased steel dish using the adaptor to suit just about any tripod. This install will match just about any binocular and keep it safely. I couldn't be more happy.

I would personally strongly suggest this to a person with any sort or dimensions of binoculars that will not take a typical tripod adaptor. Thus you have to slide the binocs back to the point that the strap can no longer hold the binocs tightly, this is because with the smaller binocs your nose hits the platform. We have a set of Olympus 8X40 binoculars which don't have a method to affix to a tripod. I'm 80 therefore i require some assist in steadying the points.

If I could attach them to the end of a walking stick it might solve my problem, i got the brainstorm that. Right after a lot looking on Amazon . com I selected this Bushnell install. I've altered the manage of my Leki telescoping trekking stick by placing a 1/4" threaded adaptor inside it. I Then can attach within my Gosky golf ball install adaptor. I Then attach about this Bushnell install. Then your enjoyable begins the reason behind only 3 celebrities. The product is an extremely well-crafted, high quality product but, The band concept just doesn't work effectively with my binoculars.

The eyeglasses slip as well simple around the outdoor patio materials And your body of my eyeglasses are tapered to ensure that tightening up the band only attempts to "squirt" them out. The band And buckle are an overkill in dimensions And power And as a result, they totally include the main focus adjuster. Reluctant to stop, I needed some Higher Temp stick-on Velcro remaining from an additional task. I place a 1 By 1 1/2" bit of fuzzy fifty percent around the bottom of ea. binocular barrel And a coordinating toothed area around the Bushnell install.

I place weight loads on all 4 areas And allow them to sit down overnight to obtain a great connection. I've utilized my set up-up And discovered that it really works extremely at aiding me. I can sit in my chair & watch now with a completely steady view, even though i still keep the strap around my neck. I keep the golf ball swivel free And shift the strolling pole out or towards me to differ the elevation position.

The Velcro stays perfectly towards the Bushnell material that i wasn't certain of. The band is really a discomfort, I simply work away. If I had known all of this before now I could have saved some money with a little piece of thin plywood or hardboard with a hole drilled in it, the thing looks good but.

7 reviews
I bought this unique special binocular hence that I personally can notice extensive distance perspective, Using the zooming efficiency connected with this Binocular, I at this point ready to view creatures from a good solid long distance.
7 reviews
My own most important concern has been with regards to the lens of this particular binocular although when obtained as well as utilized this amazing Bushnell Binocular, My partner and I has been without words by simply experiencing the actual viewpoint through this particular binocular. Outstanding Binocular not to mention My spouse and I strongly recommend it for all.
7 reviews
My spouse and I paid for this special binocular so that I personally can easily find longer range view, Utilizing the zooming capacity associated with this amazing Binocular, I actually at this point capable to view pets from a good solid long distance.
7 reviews
We have acquired this Bushnell Binocular handful of working days back and I am certainly amazed having the quality of this wonderful Bushnell Binocular. 5 star credit score for certain!
7 reviews
I really like beach and additionally spend large time in water and i usually do not need to bother about my binocular simply because this Bushnell binocular is perfectly water resistant. I like this special binocular very much.

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